Douglas - Dandelion Puff Bichon

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With her diminutive size, there’s no reason not to take this lovable plush Bichon Frisé puppy out with you wherever you go! Dandelion Puff is a sweet little Bichon stuffed animal who loves traveling. Whether it’s in a pocket or a bag, she doesn’t care so long as she’s with you! The perfect size for small hands and big adventures, Dandelion Puff is a cuddly friend with her soft, white coat of plush fur. Her bright eyed expression features a black flocked nose that stands out from her light colored coat. It’s hard to avoid the charm of this spunky Bichon plush. Let this endearing little dog be your companion and she’s sure to bring excitement and fun to all your outings!

  • 24 months+
  • 4 x 7 x 3
  • 2.8 oz
  • Machine Wash