PATRICK HRUBY - Virtual and Outdoor Art Show

 Patrick Hruby is an award winning illustrator and designer. A Los Angeles native, his work is as inspired by the sunny landscape as it is by a love for geometry and all things mid-century. He is one of three members of Clover Scout. An LA based illustration Collective.  


His art just makes us happy!  I mean, what's not to love? 


Interview with Patrick


"Baby Yaga" 





"Enchanted Forest"


"Garden Sprite" 


"Happy Sun" 


"Ray Gun"


"Secret Island"


"The Rod of Asciepius"




Client List

The New York Times, Target, Todd Oldham Studio, AMMO Books, Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, WIRED, O Magazine, Sprint, Honda, VW, Qatar Airways, The United Nations, British Petroleum, UCLA Children’s Hospital, Taschen, The V&A, The Guardian, American Express, Chipotle, Emerson, Fiat, Sundance Film Festival