Skins LA - Virtual Art Opening SKINS LA
​​​​​​​Freddy 'Skins' Ruvalcaba
Virtual Art Show

Freddy is a self taught, Mexican American artist born & raised in LA. 

Freddy in his own words:

"I found myself at a crossroads looking to shake off what I had grown accustomed to, the LA nightlife and toxic behavior that comes along with it. I wasn’t in a bad place per se, but I was also not in a place of peace. After I abruptly stopped feeding that lifestyle, I found myself yearning for discovery of self."

"After sharing how I felt with a very close friend and fellow artist, he suggested that I give art a shot as a vehicle to channel my emotions. So off I went one random Saturday afternoon, on my search for peace, well actually on my way to Blicks, with no fair idea or knowledge of art supplies. Once there, I sort of ghosted myself through the aisles, intimidated but yet excited, picking out what looked and felt right."

"I walked out of there that night with a couple of plastic pallets and some bright acrylic tubes of paint with no real plan. Shit did I know at that moment that painting was going to be instant love, raw energy, AND a peaceful place."


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