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We think you're gonna love it here, but don't take our word for it... check out these comments from some of our happy customers. 

"This is the most beautifully curated shop I've been to. The owners are always friendly and helpful, you can tell they take a lot of pride in the store and treat it like their home. I also love that Treehaus has a voice in everything from the mugs and  clothes to kids toys and books. It's bold, provocative, cool and serves you that extra bit of attitude! This is the place to get unique goods for yourself or as gifts for others. You will love everything there, I promise.
Sophie S.
"I never leave Treehaus without buying something and whenever I need a new dress or top, I always know that they will have something new that I have never seen at any other small shops in NELA. This is definitely one of the best gift and clothing stores in the area and the ladies that own it are the best!"
Natalie M.
"This is my favorite place in the neighborhood! I always go to Treehaus when I need a gift. They have a really great, well curated selection of things from small independent makers. I have a full collection of their supreme court justice pillows, which always get compliments. They have occasional evening openings with local artists which are really fun.
Stephen W.