Chronicle - RBG A to Z: The Life of An Icon from ACLU To Gen Z

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An illustrated A to Z celebrating the unparalleled impact of the phenomenon that is RBG.

This intricately illustrated and fastidiously researched book unpacks the life of RBG, who herself was larger-than-life. It explores Ruth’s early days growing up in Brooklyn, New York, in her family home; her time at Cornell, where she was first in her class, and Harvard, where she was the first female member of the 
Havard Law Review; her persistence in fighting for gender equality, and the indelible impact she had on the world.

Featuring jaw-dropping illustrations, track Ruth’s rise as one of the US’s most important and celebrated judges, the impact of her legacy for women, her contribution to law and the unparalleled phenomena that is Ruth Bader Ginsberg. This book looks at the life of one of the most inspiring, influential figures in recent history – all in a brilliantly illustrated A to Z format.

  • 8.16 x 0.53 x 9.7 inches
  • 56 pages