Apotheke - The Peach Truck Peach Orchard Candle - 10.5oz.

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The Peach Truck's Peach Orchard Candle by APOTHEKE will fill your space with the essence of summer! Let the delightful aroma transport you to a sun-kissed orchard where the air is filled with the luscious scent of fresh, ripe peaches, capturing the joy of the summer months. United by a devotion to superior quality, APOTHEKE and The Peach Truck have created a candle that will transport you into summer memories. Like running barefoot through the grass. Driving with the windows down. Or biting into the freshest, juiciest peaches from The Peach Truck.

Made with a premium soy wax blend and essential and perfume-grade fragrance oils. Clean-burning, with approx. 60-70 hours burn time. 10.5oz. Made in the USA.