Chronicle - Beer Trivia Game

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Want to talk about beer while you're hanging out with friends and drinking beer? Try this beer trivia game for all sorts of weird and fun questions about beer! You'll either learn a lot or prove you're already a beer master!

  • INTERESTING AND UNPREDICTABLE QUESTIONS: There are 140 trivia questions in this colorful box, many of which include fascinating information about beer!
  • PLUS: IDEAL FOR A BEER LOVER This series of trivia questions is intended for casual beer drinkers, IPA fans, brewski bros, dads everywhere, and those who adore them.
  • PORT IT ANYWHERE: The travel-friendly box is the ideal size to pack in your luggage for a trip, or to take to pubs, events, and breweries.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR A FATHER'S DAY OR BACHELOR PARTY: Ideal for friends who enjoy playing drinking games, hosts and guests of dinner parties, and anyone in need of ideas for a game night.