Ingram - California Dreamers

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California Dreamers is an intimate fly-on-the-wall photographic study of over 70 Californians, along with their personal testimonies and tales, revealing life behind closed doors in this iconic US state.

California, the Golden State, is steeped in cliché like almost nowhere else: palm trees, beach-blonde surfers, aspiring actors and tail-finned cars, all bathed in endless sunshine. Sally Davies, acclaimed New York photographer and author of New Yorkers, heads west to capture the images and listen to the voices of everyday Californians in their own homes, hoping to delve beneath the ubiquitous stereotypes. She finds light and space, swimming pools and enticing views of the stunning natural surroundings encroaching through the walls. Posing for her in bedrooms, garages and patios, Davies discovers vibrant multicultural communities, eccentric stories of hopes and dreams, tales of gridlocked traffic, urban sprawl, air pollution and all aspects of the entertainment industry. Among the voices are well-known figures, Linda Ramone and actor Eric McCormack, accompanied by a cast of models, producers, a high-court judge, artists, stylists, writers, musicians, lawyers, magicians and many more.