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Zeichen Press Card- You're Welcome


BTW, you are only celebrated on Mother’s Day because you gave birth to me. You’re welcome.

Zeichen Press' message is fresh, funny, offbeat, and refreshingly honest. The design is bold and smart. The method is letterpress. VERY old-school. Think chamber pots and blood-letting. Think flogging-in-the-town-square. Think Wanted Posters… Think Bibles: So grim, so serious. Now stop thinking about that. Zeichen Press brought letterpress and humor together – at last! They’d like to give all the credit to indoor plumbing.

Cards are printed on 100% recycled (30% post-consumer waste) or 100% tree-free cotton paper developed especially for letterpress printing. Ink is mixed by hand and letterpress printed on an A2 sized card (4.25×5.5). Cards are blank on the inside and packaged in a cello sleeve with lovely envelope.