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The School of Life - Optimist/Pessimist Tote Bag


Every new day presents us with a fundamental choice of attitudes we might adopt towards the challenges ahead: an attitude of pessimism or one of optimism. Both have a legitimate role, both highlight a valuable attitude to our problems and joys - and both have been given a place on this bag. Depending on how we are feeling as we head outside, we can choose to advertise one side of our nature over the other, flagging up a little of what is going on in our minds to the world around us, and attracting the recognition (and perhaps wry smiles) of those we pass.

This tote bag is part of the Statement Collection, a collection of products designed to help us make an honest statement about how we feel.

  • Heavy-duty canvas tote
  • Double-sided, black with white print
  • 100% cotton 
  • 37.5 x 40 cm