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Living Nature - Bengal Kitten

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Living Nature - Bengal Kitten is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This leopard-like Bengal plush cat toy has the most gorgeous feline features, with incredibly soft fabrics, stunning eyes and the softest body to cuddle - this soft toy is a purr-fect gift for cat lovers! The Bengal Kitten is a breed designed to look like a domesticated, miniature version of exotic jungle cats, like leopards and ocelots. As a result, the Bengal Kitten is very confident and sociable with a bright orange/brown spotted coat. They love playing and will play with absolutely anything, so if your sock ever goes missing you know who’s taken it! These cats make the perfect furry friend as they love being around people and having company.   Fast Fact  Bengals are very chatty so you’ll be never be short of conversation with yours!  Believe it or not...  Like human fingerprints, each stripe on a Bengal is completely unique to that cat

10" x 7"