Graf Lantz - Kampai - Wine-Ote's Felt Wine Markers

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Introducing a treehaus exclusive, new limited edition Kampai Wine-Ote's Felt Wine Marker Greeting Card. It makes a great host gift and is even better paired with a bottle of wine. Peel, Pour, and Party. When the wine starts flowing it can be almost impossible to tell which glass is yours. These removable Merino wool felt Wine-O’s provide instant proof of glass ownership. Pick your color, hook it to your glass, experience piece-of-wine like never before.

Local maker Graf Lantz partnered with Sway to make these Great Wine'Otes eco friendly. Each card is packaged in a home compostable seaweed-based clear sleeve.

  • Sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable
  • Odor, stain, heat, and dirt resistant
  • Oeko-Tex® Certified
  • Made in USA
  • Cleaning and Care
  • Card 5x6.25"