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Rubbabu - Giraffe on Wheels


Rubbabu - Giraffe on Wheels is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Giraffe on Wheels is great for the littles to push and roll, or grasp and hold. Made from squishy-soft natural rubber foam, it's safe for baby. The velvety fuzzy surface provides sensory stimulation.

  • Ages: 0+ (Safe for use)
  • Recommended Age: 9m+ (Most beneficial)
  • Dimensions: 7" X 5" X 8"

Eco-Friendly: We use eco-friendly and natural materials in a manual process. Natural rubber that forms 97% by weight of most Rubbabu toys is a renewable and biodegradable material. The Rubbabu factory in India follows the principles of energy conservation, zero waste and zero effluents. We constantly strive to make our process more environmentally friendly and sustainable.  

Fair Trade: It is a family company still run by the parents who founded Rubbabu toys and has been certified by ICTI for its ethical manufacturing practices. You are supporting honest, sustainable livelihoods in India and the United States when you buy Rubbabu.