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Eugene the Shy Dinosaur


Eugene comes from a long line of fierce T-Rexes. The problem is that he is different from other predators. Unlike his brother, Eugene is shy, and he doesn't want to hunt. His father worries that his young son is not ready for the Coming of Age Ritual when dinosaurs who demonstrate intelligence and bravery bring fame and honor to their families. When Eugene befriends a Stegosaurus named Billy, his father tells him that T-Rexes do not make friends with lesser dinosaurs. Then, when Eugene tells Billy that he does not want to compete in the ritual, they hatch a plan to convince Eugene’s father that he will not bring dishonor to their family. When the plan backfires, the two unlikely friends embark on a journey of self-discovery, and their families learn that they're not so different after all. Eugene the Shy Dinosaur is a book for young readers that deals with themes like prejudice, bravery, kindness and acceptance.

  • 37 pages
  • 6 x 0.09 x 9"