ACC- London Unseen - Hardcover

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A 15-year photography project by native Londoner Paul Anthony Scane to capture the character and soul of the city with affection and curiosity. A unique collection of photographs of the real, authentic London - off the beaten tourist track. 

This book, which is devoid of the usual tourist spots, shines a light on places and people that are not often seen: the campy drycleaner (“Go Gay”); a double decker bus appearing to maneuver a miniature golf course; an abandoned tank in south London. Largely in black and white, these poignant and often witty images capture the character and soul of the real London with affection and curiosity. London Unseen is a character study of a world metropolis - based on its people and streets, away from Big Ben and Trafalgar Square.

  • 208 pages
  • 8.5 x 8.5