Tender Leaf Toys - Secret Meadow Shepherd's Hut

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This shepherd’s hut is the perfect glamping staycation for this adorable family of mice. They've borrowed some human-sized trinkets to use as essential furniture in their hut! A teacup makes a perfect shower for a little mouse. Spools of old thread make for chairs to sit on, a tin of sardines creates the comfort of a baby cot and tucks neatly underneath a simple bed inside. A pimento tin doubles up as a small wood-burning stove, and a safety pin becomes a towel rack and an old watch provides the time of day. Little stairs can be clipped to the front door to help them with the step-down. All can be accessed by removing the roof, or through the little doors at the front. For ages 3+.

Dimensions: 10.63" x 6.1" x 8.86", weight 3.48 lbs